Black Eyed Peas Lampoon Trump in Song ‘GRAB’m by the P—‘ (Video)

“I’m a star ’cause I made it/ I’m rich and I’m famous,” Will.I.Am sings in Funny or Die video

Last Updated: October 15, 2016 @ 6:59 PM

Will.I.Am is a Donald Trump impersonator — who knew?

The Black Eyed Peas frontman went all out in a new music video that hit the Republican presidential candidate right between his eyes.

In his collaboration with Funny or Die called “GRAB’m by the P—y,” Will.I.Am denounces Trump for demeaning remarks he’s made towards women, especially those in the “Access Hollywood” hot mic video that continues to make the rounds.

Donning a messy blond wig, expensive suit and Trump-esque pout, Will.I.Am sings, “I’m a star ’cause I made it/ I’m rich and I’m famous.”

Then while completely ignoring singer Liane V’s testimony that she’s a strong woman, “Trump” continues, “Donald Trump said to grab you by the p—/ Donald Trump said to grab you by the p—.”

At the end of the song’s end, Will.I.Am gets serious and, talking right into the camera, makes is perfectly clear his choice for president.

“This is not a circus, a TV show or a movie,” he says. “This is real life with real life problems. We need a leader that not only will lead America but will help heal the world.”

“When you vote, please vote for the candidate that can do that, and it’s obvious, it’s Hillary [Clinton].”

Check out the whole video above.