Jimmy Kimmel Has Kids Re-Create America’s First Black Friday (Video)

Students of Edward James Olmos Elementary in Montebello, Calif. put on a holiday play revising history to explain origins of the nation’s obsession with post-Thanksgiving deals

Did you know Black Friday shopping actually originated in America’s first Pilgrim settlement? We didn’t either, but that’s Jimmy Kimmel’s set up for a hilarious and adorable sketch in which elementary school kids put on a play commemorating the made-up moment in history.

“Because this little known bit of history has been ignored for so long, they don’t teach it in schools,” Kimmel said while introducing the segment. I”‘m pleased tonight to present the students of Edward James Olmos Elementary in Montebello in the story of ‘Black Friday.’”

As it turns out, it a man named Jebediah, owner of Crazy Jebediah’s Trading Post, was the first person to invite American consumers to trample each other in an effort to get the best deal on merchandise the day after Thanksgiving.

Watch the video above.