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Black Man Stages Police Standoff for Wedding Proposal, Sparks Mixed Reactions (Video)

”There’s nothing cute about mocking the real issues Black Americans face everyday,“ one Twitter user wrote

Sometimes wedding proposals include grand gestures, but an Alabama man pulled out all the shots when he enlisted the local police force to help him propose to his girlfriend.

Daiwon McPherson’s wedding proposal went viral over the weekend after video was posted showing two police officers hopping out of their car and running towards a man [McPherson] at a gas station with their guns drawn out, yelling at him to “get on the ground.” In the video, the cops suspect that the man has a gun.

A woman (Shawna Blackmon) quickly gets in between the officers and the man and tells the cops to “back up,” as she attempts to retrieve the so-called weapon and then — surprise! The man, who is already on his knees, pulls out a ring and proposes to her instead.

The proposal caught the attention of many, but not everyone thought the gesture was as creative and cute as McPherson probably did.

Plenty of people who watched the video thought the proposal was insensitive in light of the recent incidents of police brutality against black men.

“There’s nothing cute about mocking the real issues Black Americans face everyday,” one user wrote. “This was a bunch of bulls–t.”

More viewers echoed the same sentiment.

“This is not funny but I love how she step in and risked her own life so I get why he chose her kudos to him but still excessive force is a problem and this video just cause more people to insensitive to the issue,” wrote another user.

“Black men and women are getting shot everyday and you make a mockery of police brutality to propose? Really? I’m sick,” commented a Twitter user.

Others, however, didn’t think it was in poor taste.

“Beautiful, it just show how dedicated and down a black woman is for her man!!!!! Awesome,” said another user.

After the video garnered so much attention, McPherson went on the record to give his explanation behind why he chose to propose in such a creative manner.

According to AL.com, he said he wanted to people to see the police working with the community for a good cause.

“I really wanted to bring the bike life and the police together,” he said, adding that he wanted the proposal video to go viral for social media users to see a video of police working together with the community for a good cause. “I can’t believe I actually pulled this off,” he said.

As for his bride-to-be, “I appreciate the way he did it… here we are, ending the year engaged!” Blackmon said.

Watch the video above.

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