There’s Now a Real ‘Nosedive’ Game Like That Bryce Dallas Howard ‘Black Mirror’ Episode

Players must create a “perfect” life, while avoiding any “dings” to their Social Score

black mirror nosedive

Are you a 4.2? Now you can find out, thanks to a new “Black Mirror”-themed board game that brings to life “Nosedive.” You know, the Season 3 episode starring Bryce Dallas Howard, in which a woman slowly breaks down as her social status plummets, all thanks to an app people use to rate each other in this imaginary world in Charlton Brooker’s Netflix anthology series.

Endemol Shine North America and gaming publisher and distributor Asmodee North America have partnered on “Nosedive,”  which they are deeming the “first-ever social board game.” The new product challenges players to create a “perfect” life by collecting Lifestyle Cards, while avoiding any “dings” to their Social Score.

And there is an integrated smartphone app available on iOS and Android, because of course there is. The digital game includes “over 1,000 unique experiences to impress players’ important friends and improve their social standing.”

The game is published by Asmodee Group and distributed by Asmodee North America and launches at and Target stores nationwide Nov. 25.

For $19.99, you and 3 to 6 players ages 13 and older can play an approximately 45 minutes game. Hey, it’s something to do while you await the upcoming fifth season of “Black Mirror” — which has yet to get a release date at Netflix.

See a promo picture for the game below.

Black Mirror Nose Dive