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‘Black Mirror’ Creators Detail New Episodes: ‘More Demented’ Than ‘Pokemon Go’ Phenomenon

”We didn’t see ‘Pokemon Go’ coming,“ Charlie Brooker says at the TCA summer press tour about the technological advancements captured by the British anthology series

British anthology series “Black Mirror” is all about the twisted relationship between technology and human beings, and when six new episodes air on Netflix this fall, they will deal with everything from social media to gaming — but not Pokemon Go.

“We didn’t see ‘Pokemon Go’ coming,” producer Charlie Brooker said onstage during the anthology series’ panel at the Television Critics’ Association’s summer press tour Wednesday.

However, there is one episode that’s about video gaming, which Brooker promised was “more demented” than even the most outrageous stories that have emerged about people playing “Pokemon Go.”

And the “Black Mirror” production team don’t anticipate working the currently popular augmented reality game into future storylines.

“We don’t tend to look at what’s in the ether at the moment, because in 18 months time the world will look completely different once again,” Brooker said.

Dan Trachtenberg‘s episode of the new season of “Black Mirror” will revolve around gaming, while the episode titled “Nosedive,” starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve, and directed by Joe Wright, revolves around social media, and is described as a “cheerful pastoral nightmare.”

The lighter or more sarcastic tone of certain episodes makes this season perhaps a better binge model than the “bleakfest” of seasons past, according to producer Annabel Jones.

“You can stomach more than one,” she said, later describing the show as a mini film festival, where people can watch episodes in any order and at their leisure.

Season 3 of “Black Mirror” will premiere Friday, Oct. 21 on Netflix.