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‘Black Mirror:’ ‘Hang the DJ’ Trailer Offers Even More Dystopian Version of Tinder (Video)

Because dating wasn’t scary enough

The latest trailer for the upcoming season of Netflix’s dystopian series “Black Mirror” is here, and it’s making us real concerned about the various dating apps on our phone.

The preview for “Hang the DJ” features something called “The System” which seems like a glorified dating app that is able to determine not only your perfect match, but how long your various flings will last. We see one poor guy link up with a few women in the trailer — but his time with them keeps running out.

This is all very concerning to us because dating is already hard enough, and even though “The System” purports to make your love life easier, if we’ve learned anything from the previous seasons of “Black Mirror,” it’s not to expect a happy ending (at least we have “San Junipero” to lean on for our warm and fuzzies).

But hey, at least the episode is named for one of the less pessimistic Smiths songs. Which we guess isn’t saying much.

“Black Mirror” Season 4 still doesn’t have an official release date, though Netflix promises it will come out this year. So time, like this poor dude’s relationships, is quickly running out.

Watch the full trailer above.