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‘Black Mirror’ Creates ‘Hang the DJ’ Site to Test Your Relationship — Just in Time to Ruin Valentine’s Day

Will you and your partner choose to reveal your expiry date at the same time? You better hope so

You might actually want to hang “Black Mirror” itself before the day is through, seeing as the Netflix series could mess up your Valentine’s plans.

On Wednesday, the show’s official  Twitter account shared a video promoting www.coach.dating. As all “Black Mirror” fans should know, this is a reference to the season 4 fan-favorite episode “Hang the DJ,” which features a world where people are paired up by “the system,” with no rhyme or reason. Couples can learn their “expiry date” — or when their relationship will kick the bucket — if they both do it at the same time via their digital “coach.” If you don’t, your device gets out of whack and you’ll be forced to break up and move on to another partner. Sorry.

The show’s Coach Dating site asks you to share a link with your significant other and then find out if you are really meant to be by testing your clicking skills. The good news is if you tap to reveal your expiry date at the same time — or if you both decide not to reveal at all — then you have “found your ultimate match.” Of course, if your tapping is not in sync, well, you’re out of luck.

The game — since that’s what it really is — also allows you to download your results and proudly show off how long your relationship will last.

And if you failed at “clicking,” try to remind your partner that the episode’s protagonists (Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole) are nothing more than one of the thousands of simulated versions of themselves, tested in endless scenarios to calculate the endurance of their bond through an app. So, the coach really doesn’t matter.

Watch the teaser for the site below. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day, from “Black Mirror.”

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