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‘Black Mirror': Watch Next-Level Helicopter Parenting in ‘Arkangel’ Trailer (Video)

Anthology’s latest season gets a new clip for Jodie Foster-directed episode

Now that we’re all stuffed, happy and full of Thanksgiving cheer, here comes Netflix to remind us that humanity is barreling toward a grim dystopia aided by sinister technology.

A new season of “Black Mirror” hits the service next month, and the streaming giant has released a teaser trailer for an episode directed by Jodie Foster.

“Arkangel” was written by show creator Charlie Brooker and stars Rosemarie DeWitt in a next-level tale of helicopter parenting.

The teaser introduces us to a seemingly-single mom played by DeWitt, scarred by an event where her little girl goes missing but is ultimately found. To make sure it doesn’t happen again, DeWitt has the girl installed with some kind of tech (literally, via a needle to the temple) that promises “control.”

“Black Mirror” producer Annabel Jones told the Independent that this episode “follows a mother who has a young daughter and faces that perennial question of how to look after a child in an increasingly technical world.”

We previously speculated that because an archangel is a highly-ranked angel, the Arkangel in the title could be a program that allows a mother to watch over her young daughter. It could then be a commentary about nanny cams and other smart apps. Does this program find the daughter’s real mother to be a threat, thinking the daughter is safer under the “protection” of technology?

Watch the teaser trailer above, and check out everything we know about the new season here.