‘Black Mirror’ Star Jimmi Simpson on ‘USS Callister’ Spinoff: ‘I’ve Heard Little Buzzes’

TCA 2018: “I would love it,” actor says

Black Mirror USS Callister
Jonathan Prime / Netflix

Jimmi Simpson doesn’t know whether your new favorite “Black Mirror” episode, “USS Callister,” will become its own series, but he would be on board if it did.

“I’ve heard little buzzes,” Simpson told reporters following a panel for his new USA Network series, “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.,” at the Television Critics Association press tour on Tuesday. “I’ve heard little buzzes. But I don’t believe anything until I’m working on set. I would love it.”

Simpson starred as Walton in the feature-length episode from Season 4 of the anthology series, an installment that paid heavy homage to “Star Trek.” “USS Callister” centers around the crew of the titular ship, not unlike the USS Enterprise, with the exception that the shipmates are in a virtual reality game and are held captive by a co-worker who serves as their “captain.”

Jesse Plemons plays Captain Daly, the fearless leader who has trapped those he feels have wronged him, including his business partner Walton and the new object of his affection, Nanette (Cristin Milioti), inside the simulation by copying their DNA to create exact digital replicas for him to toy with.

We won’t say how it all turns out — but all is well that ends well if Simpson is on board for more. Well, doesn’t end at all, we mean.