‘Black Monday’ Producers Tell Us That Stretch Lamborghini Is Actually ‘a Huge Piece of S—‘

TCA 2019: “The black trim on the headlights is electrical tape”

Black Monday
Erin Simkin/SHOWTIME

That sweet stretch Lamborghini in new Showtime series “Black Monday” is actually “a huge piece of s—,” producers said Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour.

“It’s basically a kit car,” they explained.

Star Andrew Rannells interjected that “it’s more like a go-kart.”

“If you get really close you’ll see that actually, the black trim on the headlights is electrical tape,” an executive producer said at the Pasadena press conference. “That’s not a joke.”

Some of the red whip’s prettier scenes are actually computer generated, they explained. And that’s where all the money went.

“The CGI Lambo actually cost more than the real Lamborghini,” a producer told TV critics.

The car, chauffeured on-screen by NBA All-Star Kevin Durant, is not supposed to be legit within the context of the show either.

After it gets crushed by someone jumping out of an office building to their death, Don Cheadle’s character admits his ride is “mostly Fiero” with “some Towncar in it,” producers said.

Back in the day, Pontiac Fiero chassis were often topped with more exotic car bodies — a cheaper alternative to actually buying a Lambo or Ferrari. It was all for the looks, with none of the performance.