Blair and Tootie! ‘Facts of Life’ Stars Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields Reunite to Promote New Hallmark Movie (Video)

The former sitcom stars are acting alongside each other in romantic comedy “For Better or For Worse”

“Facts of Life” stars Kim Fields and Lisa Welchel reunited on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America” to discuss their upcoming Hallmark Channel movie, “For Better or For Worse.”

Whelchel, who played Blair on the NBC comedy that ran for nine seasons in the 1980s, said she was drawn to the made-for-TV romantic comedy because the script wasn’t “cheesy,” and working with Fields — a.k.a. Tootie — was just a bonus.

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“They’re sometimes so cheesy, but this one was actually really cute. They’re not trying to hit you over the head with some crazy moral. It’s just great entertainment,” Welchel said in the interview (above). “And then when they said they were going to hire Kim as my best friend, I said, ‘Sure, I’ll do that for free.'”

The actresses were surprised with a video message from another “Facts of Life” co-star, Charlotte Rae, who played boarding housemother Edna Garrett on the sitcom.

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“I’m looking forward to you both being on this Hallmark movie this weekend,” Rae said. “I know you’ll be brilliant and I love you.”

As for the rest of the gang, Welchel and Fields said they “very much” keep in touch.

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“Working with great people is sort of a mandate,” Fields said. “We don’t want to work with people who suck.”