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Sir Mix-a-Lot Breaks Silence on Blake Lively ‘Booty’ Brouhaha

”I don’t get it at all,“ says ”Baby Got Back“ maestro of controversy over actress’ Instagram pic

Don’t worry, Blake Lively; your booty has the Sir Mix-a-Lot stamp of approval.

The actress, who’s been accused of racism this week after posting a photo of her posterior with a lyric from the Sir Mix-a-Lot classic “Baby Got Back,” has gained a crucial endorsement from the rapper himself.

“I don’t think she’d wear that dress if she thought that booty is horrible — and to me, it ain’t horrible,” the rapper asserted to the New York Daily News.

Lively drew fire this week for posting front-and-back pictures of herself in a form-fitting dress, along with the caption, “L.A. face with an Oakland booty” — a lyric from the 1992 hip-hop classic.

Because the Internet is the Internet, some users suggested Lively would be more suited to wearing a Klansman’s hood and robe.

But Sir Mix-a-Lot fails to see what the big deal is — aside from the big deal that’s wrapped in the back of Lively’s dress.

“I don’t get it at all,” the rapper noted.  “She’s saying she’s proud of her butt. I’m glad she embraced the look, because that’s what I wanted (with the song).”

The rapper did, however, allow that Lively’s detractors might have a point, depending on the intent of her quote.

“If what she’s saying ‘I have this butt that Mix-a-Lot was talking about in ‘Baby Got Back,’ that’s a good thing. She’s saying, ‘I’ve embraced this ideal of beautiful,'” Sir Mix-a-Lot said.”However, if what she’s saying is ‘I cannot believe I got this fat, this is horrible,’ then I agree with the critics.”

Feel free to share your agreement/outrage/apathy in the comments section.

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