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Watch Gwen Stefani Shave Blake Shelton’s Hair Into a Quarantine Mullet on ‘Tonight Show: At Home’ (Video)

And attempt to put a ”J“ and ”F“ on the sides in honor of Jimmy Fallon

Like all of the rest of stuck at home without barbers and stylists while we quarantine ourselves amid the coronavirus pandemic, Blake Shelton is sorely in need of a haircut. And even though he was scheduled as Jimmy Fallon’s remote guest on “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” Monday night, he couldn’t cancel his appointment for a shave with his personal groomer, girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

“This interview, I wanted to do it, but we actually had a schedule we already had lined out for today and I don’t think we can put it off any longer,” Blake said to Jimmy over video chat, as Gwen came out with her clippers and attachments, ready to help “Blake grow out his mullet.”

So Fallon conducted the majority of his interview with current “Voice” coach Shelton while former “Voice” coach Stefani cut his hair at their house in Oklahoma.

“We are quarantined with a bunch of Stefanis,” Shelton told Fallon. “I’m talking about a pile of them. It’s me and a bunch of Stefanis. My mom and stepdad live about 10 miles from here and I haven’t seen them since the middle of March except waving at them through the truck window and that’s about it. We haven’t left.”

“Literally, it’s like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ out here,” Blake said. “She bakes bread, I’ve been building a fence and gardening.”

Fallon then asked Shelton where things are at with the current season of “The Voice,” as the NBC singing competition, like pretty much every other show in America, had to shutdown production amid the pandemic.

“What’s scary is, we’re gonna have to do ‘The Voice’ in some fashion like this because obviously, you know, the live shows are coming up here in just a matter of weeks and, especially in LA, we’re not gonna be ready to have events again,” Shelton said. “So it’s gonna be crazy, we’re gonna have to coach like this. It’s just gonna have to work out this way, it’s gonna be nuts.”

He added: “So I think they have a plan and they’re gonna tell me when to be at the computer. And I’ll listen to [the contestants] perform and give them some pointers. I don’t know.”

When Gwen was done with Blake’s hair, he asked her to shave a “J” and “F” into the sides for Jimmy Fallon. She, um, tried.

Watch the full interview above.