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BlazeTV Hosts Michelle Malkin, Gavin McInnes Out After CRTV Merger

”Blaze Media no longer has a relationship with Gavin McInnes,“ the company says in a weekend statement

BlazeTV has dropped a number of their most explosive hosts after the company was formed last week by a merger between Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze and Mark Levin’s CRTV.

Since the unification of the media properties, far-right commentator and Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes and conservative publisher Michelle Malkin have both severed tied with the company — with very little explanation.

“Blaze Media no longer has a relationship with Gavin McInnes, and per company policy, cannot comment on personnel matters,” the company announced in a weekend tweet. Only days before, Malkin herself also made it official, saying she wished the company well.

“I am so proud of the investigative journalism I did for #CRTV — so many heroes, so many compelling stories. I will not be continuing with the company, but wish my colleagues all the best,” she said in a tweet a day after the merger.

Both McInnes and Malkin did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap about the issue. In a statement to TheWrap, however, McInnes said his departure from BlazeTV in addition to his banishment from YouTube on Monday left him defenseless to respond to media attacks.

“I have a swarm of Social Justice Warrior bees surrounding me and attacking all my platforms. After BlazeTV, I figured I’d go to YouTube but they got that too,” he said. “I’ve been 100% deplatformed and can no longer defend myself when people make up lies or take jokes out of context.”

A rep for BlazeTV did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap.

Before their merger, both TheBlaze and CRTV had been struggling to get of the ground. In recent months, TheBlaze has been forced to undergo multiple rounds of layoffs, with top talent like Tomi Lahren and Dana Loesch taking flight for greener pastures. Earlier this year, CRTV faced a $20 million lawsuit from Vegas billionaire Cary Katz — made more awkward by the fact that Katz is one of the principal investors of the company.