‘Bless This Mess’ Star Lake Bell Tells Us What It’s Like Being Licked by a Cow (Video)

Bell and the cow had a ”spiritual connection,“ she says

Thanks to her new ABC comedy “Bless This Mess,” Lake Bell now has direct, personal experience with cow saliva.

“In between takes with any… bovine thespians that are on the show, I hug them. I have been licked by cows, which, I didn’t know that they do but they do that, like dogs,” Bell told TheWrap in an interview, which you can watch above. “They have an extraordinary amount of saliva that occurs in their mouth, and on the tongue and just all over. And yet, I loved it.”

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Margeaux Sippell

TV Reporter • margeaux.sippell@thewrap.com • @margeauxsippell