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‘Blindspot,’ ‘Scream Queens,’ ‘Muppets': See New Fall TV Shows’ Delayed-Viewing Rankings for Premiere Week

Fox horror comedy shows big growth, but NBC thriller still king of freshman class

With delayed viewing numbers in for fall TV premiere week, Fox’s “Scream Queens” is looking like the comeback kid.

“Scream Queens” had the biggest jump of the Monday-Friday pack, growing a gaudy 65 percent from its live-plus-same day rating (1.65) in the key 18-49 demographic. The Ryan Murphy comedy horror eventually reached a 2.73 rating thanks to three days of delayed viewing.

While the giant percentage gain may seem pretty eye-popping at a glance, it is important to note that a lower starting point heavily contributed to the proportional shift — much as it did for Fox’s already struggling “Minority Report” (No. 3, up 56 percent) and NBC’s unimpressive start to “The Player” (No. 5, up 52 percent).

NBC’s “Heroes: Reborn” and “Blindspot” were the third and sixth biggest growers, respectively. Those two actually started off with pretty good ratings in the former case and excellent numbers in the latter. ABC “The Muppets,” a self-starting 8 p.m. show, had a strong “live” tune-in, hence its just 31 percent growth — good enough for just seventh place on this list.

But “The Muppets” remains, after three days of time shifting, the second-highest rated premiere of the week, with a 3.77 delayed number. “Blindspot” remains the highest rated at 4.45. CBS’ “Life in Pieces” maintained its third-place ranking at 4.45.

So growth doesn’t tell the whole story. Still, lack of it doesn’t bode well for shows such as “Rosewood.”

The Fox thriller barely inched up at all, managing just a 15 percent growth after another 72 hours of viewing. “Limitless” and “Heroes Reborn” both leapfrogged it in delayed viewing. Given its lackluster-at-best reviews, the Morris Chestnut medical drama looks like most of it’s strength is coming from its schedule position ahead of “Empire” on Wednesday nights.

Here are the growth rankings for all 10 new fall broadcast series with Live Plus 3 Day delayed viewing numbers available.

  1. “Scream Queens”: +65% (1.65 Live Plus Same Day Demo Rating/2.73 Live Plus 3-Day Demo Rating)
  2. “Heroes: Reborn”: +60%  (1.96/3.14)
  3. “Minority Report”: +56% (1.10/1.72)
  4. “Limitless”: +55% (1.87/2.90)
  5. “The Player”: +52% (1.16/1.76)
  6. “Blindspot”: +43% (3.11/4.45)
  7. “The Muppets”: +31% (2.87/3.77)
  8. “Life in Pieces”: +22% (2.63/3.22)
  9. “Best Time Ever”*: +18% (2.09/2.47)
  10. “Rosewood”: +15% (2.44/2.81)

Neil Patrick Harris‘ “Best Time Ever” is a new show, but it got a jump start on the other fall premieres by two weeks this season. Therefore, this was not the series debut episode, helping to explain the low rise. Also, it’s the only live show on this list, which tends to attract more event-style tune-in.