‘Bling Empire’ Star Christine Chiu Teases Season 2 Drama: ‘We Learn Gossip Is a Very Dangerous Game’

WrapWomen Blog: According to Chiu, the second season will bring “so many unexpected surprises, twists and turns”

When “Bling Empire” star and executive producer Christine Chiu and her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu first got involved with the Netflix series, they had no intention of being on camera. “We just wanted to support this project that would propel Asian faces and voices and stories,” Chiu told WrapWomen during a recent interview. “It was going to be the first to ever Asian, Asian American all ensemble cast, and that was history in the making.” But as the saying goes, well-behaved women rarely make history…

Christine Chiu
Christine Chiu at WrapWomen’s Power Women Summit 2022 (Photographed by Valerie Durant for TheWrap)

Despite wanting to stay out of the spotlight, Chiu proved to be a reality TV natural. Her rivalry with fellow-socialite and philanthropist Anna Shay became the center of much of the first season’s drama. But how real is the competitiveness between the two women? 

“I’m actually very drama averse. I like to stay out of trouble,” said the mother of 2-year-old Baby G. “If I were caught between friends, I would lend my ear to both, but I am not the type to meddle. And I generally like to give people the time and the space that feels right for them to work things out. That may not be the philosophy of others. And I think you might see that in Season 2…” DUN DUN DUN…

While Season 1 peers into the individual journeys of each member of the friend group, Chiu reveals that Season 2 takes a deeper diver into the friendships and dynamics amongst the cast. “What we also learn is that gossip is a very dangerous game… the truth does eventually prevail.” 

According the “Bling Empire” star, season two will bring “so many unexpected surprises, twists and turns.” She continued, “Viewers will be kept on the edge of their seats.”

Tune into Netflix’s “Bling Empire” Season 2 on May 13.

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