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‘Bloodline’ Trailer: Blood, Tears, Explosions and Somebody Stuffed in a Trunk (Video)

In the Netflix drama’s third and final season, viewers will see the culmination of a family’s dark secrets under threat

“How did we get here? We had some good times, didn’t we?” asks Sissy Spacek’s Sally in the first trailer for “Bloodline’s” final season, released on Friday.

In the Netflix drama’s third and final season, viewers are due to finally see the conclusion of what happens when a family’s dark secrets are threatened. The Rayburns are key members of their Florida Keys community, but in the first season, when the black sheep son returned and threatened to upend their life by exposing their secrets, things got tense. Really tense.

The trailer indicates that answers to some of the series’ open-ended storylines from Season 2 will be resolved. One of the first things the trailer addresses, for example, is the fallout from Kevin’s (Norbert Leo Butz) bludgeoning of Marco (Eduardo Ibarrola). We see that Kevin calls John (Kyle Chandler) in a panic.

We also see Meg (Linda Cardellini) report seeing the aftermath of the crime. “I saw what you did to him,” she exclaims.

Things spiral from there. The trailer has a bit of everything — from blood to tears to explosions to somebody getting stuffed into a trunk.

This will be the final season of Bloodline, according to Netflix. Besides it being the final slate of episodes, Netflix also trimmed down the length of the season from the original 13 episodes to 10.

“Bloodline” Season 3 will premiere on Netflix May 26.

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