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‘Bloodline’ Star Linda Cardellini on Meg’s Future: ‘She’s Living an Entire Lie’ (Exclusive Video)

Emmy contender doesn’t have high hopes for her character

“Bloodline” may have ended with one Rayburn seemingly escaping the family’s cycle of dysfunction, but Linda Cardellini, who plays middle daughter Meg, doesn’t see much promise in the fresh start.

“She may have gotten away but I don’t know if she’ll ever be happy or if there’s any possible way she doesn’t repeat the mistakes of her family,” Linda Cardellini, who plays Meg Rayburn on the show, told TheWrap.

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By the end of the acclaimed Netflix drama’s third and final season, Meg had moved to California and taken on a new identity┬áto leave her dark past behind.

“She’s living an entire lie already,” Cardellini said. “So is she then like her mother, where she starts her whole life and it’s based on a lie? If she does go on to have any kind of family or any kind of relationship, that’s all false.”

The actress also marveled at how much all of the characters have changed since Season 1. (You can watch her full interview in the video above.)

“I knew they would be in there, but I loved seeing all the flashbacks of us from the first season and how different everybody is,” she said. “Which was something I liked about how the guys did it on ‘Damages,’ too. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to join the show… I liked the way they tied that up in order to see what these people had become… Even the house itself sort of had its own arc. At the end it seems very tragic.”