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Bloomberg Reporter Calls Out Tucker Carlson for Editing Her Tweet on Air

”Wish I was surprised by what Carlson’s show did,“ Jennifer Epstein says in a tweeted response

Bloomberg White House correspondent Jennifer Epstein called out Tucker Carlson on Twitter after the Fox News host posted an edited tweet from her on air during a segment of his Monday evening show.

“Tucker Carlson’s show edited a tweet of mine when it appeared on air tonight,” she said in a tweet later that evening. “They left out the colon and link to a story about groups that have pledged to protest companies that hire Nielsen or others involved in the family separation policy.”

“I was not expressing my personal views on Nielsen or anyone else who’s served in the Trump admin,” she continued. “I was connecting the news of last night to something I reported two days earlier that a coalition of groups said they plan to do. Wish I was surprised by what Carlson’s show did.”

On his show, Carlson read out the original tweet from Epstein but did not include the link she included that would have put the remarks in the context of her reporting on the subject.

“Nielsen’s next stop will be carefully watched. If any major companies hire her, pay her to speak, etc., expect to see major outcry from immigration and civil rights groups and beyond,” Epstein tweet said, linking to this article.

Reps for Bloomberg and Fox News did not immediately respond to request for comment, but Epstein got boost from a frequent Carlson target, CNN’s Brian Stelter.

“Great catch,” he tweeted. “I thought something was missing when I saw that on air. So he was shaming you for… reporting!”

The moment on Carlson’s show took place as part of a broader segment deriding the media for what he said was their overreaction to recently ousted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s legacy.

“Nielsen was denounced as an extremist and chased out of restaurants,” Carlson said. “As she left the White House, the morons on TV were making her sound like Dr. Mengele.”