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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 2 Trailer: Short on Answers, Long on Paranoia

Steve Buscemi faces down a town-full of menacing stares in promo for HBO’s historical crime drama


You don't build a successful criminal enterprise without making a few enemies. And Enoch "Nucky" Thompson seems to be growing keenly aware of that fact in the new trailer for Season 2 of "Boardwalk Empire."

Though the new trailer isn't terribly illuminating, it certainly sets a tone — namely, a tone of paranoia, as Steve Buscemi-as-Thompson meanders down the street, encountering seemingly menacing glances from his fellow Atlantic City denizens. As it turns out, the procession of unfriendly familiars is all in his head — but then, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you.

Season 2 of the acclaimed HBO series premieres on September 25 — which gives you roughly six weeks to puzzle over what the meaning of all this is.

Let the pondering begin by checking out the video.