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Thanks, England: You Just Cost Bob Iger $4 Million

Brexit spawns some big losses stateside, including at global company Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger is having a rough June.

Thanks to England’s Brexit — or the Brits’ decision to exit the European Union — the global media company is currently suffering a tough stock slide. Of course, the Mouse House isn’t alone, as many worldwide organizations are getting hammered in share valuation today — Disney just happens to have more of a European presence than many others.

Discovery suffered the greatest losses among major U.S. media companies, finishing at 4p.m. ET down 7.24 percent.

Iger personally owned 1,262,045 shares or Disney common stock as of Jan. 16, 2016, according to Yahoo Finance. When the U.S. stock markets (mercifully) closed on Friday, DIS was down $3.30 per share.

Doing some simple math, that means the Disney head honcho’s ownership valuation is down more than $4.2 million from Thursday’s stock market close. Let’s hope he’s not secretly a Discovery shareholder.

Obviously, this isn’t music to Iger’s ears a week after having to deal with a deadly alligator attack at a Florida resort.

A representative for Disney did not immediately return TheWrap’s request for comment.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 611.21 points today.

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