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‘Full House’ Cast Makes Cute Quarantine Parody of Classic Sitcom’s Theme Song (Video)

”Unlike ‘Full House,’ this will all go away“

Bob Saget and his fellow “Full House” castmates made an adorable parody of the theme song to the classic sitcom, changing the title to something more coronavirus-appropriate: “Full Quarantine.”

Danny Tanner (Saget), Uncle Jessie (John Stamos), Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier), DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) are all present, but instead of looking like their cute late-’80s selves, they’re performing various quarantine tasks amid the current pandemic — all from their respective homes.

As the beloved theme song “Everywhere You Look” plays, each of the actors makes an appearance in character. Creator Jeff Franklin even pops in at the end of the video, along with his two golden retrievers wearing special doggy face masks.

In classic Danny Tanner fashion, Saget filmed himself in his bathroom, sanitizing the handle of a mop with hand sanitizer and then using it as aftershave for good measure.

Stamos is pictured trying to squeeze something out of a tube, then giving the camera a cheesy smile as if he’d been caught off guard in classic sitcom fashion.

Cameron-Bure furiously plunges her toilet and then flashes a sweet smile, while her on-screen sister Sweetin pretends to wake up from a nap before promptly deciding to go back to sleep.

Coulier’s cameo makes no sense, but then again, maybe it does for Uncle Joey — he’s pictured fishing on a dock, and then reeling in a slice of pizza, which he eats.

Barber, wearing a bacon-and-eggs scarf that Kimmy Gibbler would surely approve, opens her fridge to find she’s almost out of eggs. Relatable.

Noticeably missing from the video were the Olsen twins, and, not surprisingly, Lori Loughlin, A.K.A. Aunt Becky.

“Stay Safe and Stay Home,” Saget’s caption reads. “Unlike #FullHouse this will all go away.”

Watch the video below.