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‘Full House’ Stars John Stamos, Bob Saget Reveal Opposing Reboot News (Video)

Beach Boys fill-in takes credit for possibly bringing the ’90s sitcom back to life, vows to not harm T.G.I.F. legacy

Former on-screen brothers-in-law Bob Saget and John Stamos have differing levels of confidence over that whole “Full House” reboot actually happening.

“I actually do not know,” the man behind T.G.I.F.’s Danny Tanner said on a recent “HuffPost Show,” following an equally non-committal “I’m not sure.”

Saget continued his on-camera deflection with a joke: “I actually have a Blackberry as a suppository, so I could be getting the message now.”

Watch Saget hem and haw on The HuffPost Show.

John Stamos, meanwhile, was far more chatty on the matter when accosted at LAX by TMZ.

“Full House should be back on the air,” Stamos told the gossip publication. “If we can work the deal out … hopefully it will make everyone happy.”

“We’re *this close* to making it all happen,” the actor beyond Uncle Jesse continued. “I’m the one who started it all — I wanted to bring it back to the fans.”

“I don’t want to hurt the legacy, see?” he finished the airport chat. “That’s the key — and I’m not going to let that happen. We’re *this close* to making it perfect.”

The “Full House” spinoff is in consideration for a 13-episode series order at Netflix, individuals with knowledge of the deal told TheWrap last week. Titled “Fuller House,” the multi-camera project would include Candace Cameron Bure reprising the role of D.J. 20 years after the original ABC series ended in 1995.

Andrea Barber would also return to the role of D.J.’s best friend and Tanner Family annoyance, Kimmy Gibler, with Stamos, Dave Coulier (as Uncle Joey) and Saget returning as guest stars.

“Full House” creator Jeff Franklin would return to executive produce with original EPs Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett. Stamos would also serve as an EP.

Watch the TMZ video: