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Sorry, ‘BoJack Horseman’ Fans: There Probably Won’t Be Another Holiday Special Episode

But creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has an idea for an April Fool’s episode, and it includes Vincent Adultman

Raphael Bob-Waksberg hopes you enjoyed his 2014 “BoJack Horseman Christmas Special,” just don’t expect another holiday-themed one-off episode anytime soon.

“Broadly, no,” said the creator of the animated Netflix comedy, when asked by TheWrap if he was planning anymore holiday specials. The reason is simply a matter of scheduling. “I only get a couple weeks off per year and if I’m doing an episode between seasons it bridges that vacation time.” He said he “literally did not have a break” between making Season 1 and Season 2 because of the Christmas special.

But he does have an idea for one… if he ever felt like it, that is. And it would include the return of Vincent Adultman, a former boyfriend of Princess Carolyn (Amy Sederis), that is, according to BoJack, “very obviously three kids stacked on top of each other under a trench coat.” In what was a recurring gag through the first two seasons, BoJack was the only one who noticed that, yes, Vincent Adultman, was actually just three kids in a trench coat.

“I wanted to do an April Fools’ Day special that was just an episode of the busy business world of Vincent Adultman,” Bob-Waksberg explains. “It starts like you think its going to be another BoJack thing, but then he drives by a building and then it’s all about Vincent.”

But now that the show’s in its fifth season, and Vincent hasn’t been seen since Season 2, Bob-Waksberg thinks the time has passed for that idea. “I don’t know if it would ever match my imagination,” he said. “It’s perfect as a logline, but nobody needs to actually sit through a half-hour of it.”