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‘Bones’ Gets in on the Character-Killing Action With Its 10th Season Premiere

Three months after the Season 9 finale, the team’s investigation into the conspiracy that landed Booth in prison leads to a shocking death

(Spoiler warning: Do not read on if you have not yet seen the Season 10 premiere of “Bones” entitled “The Conspiracy in the Corpse.”)

After a decade on the air, “Bones” has thrown plenty of curveballs at fans, but nothing could have prepared them for the shocking death of one of the show’s principal cast-members in the season premiere. This kind of thing happens all the time on shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead,” but not on “Bones.”

Sure, an intern died back in Season 6, but that wasn’t someone who was a daily part of the fabric of the show. The newer shows on television are all about shock value, creating buzz with rotating casts, but the long-established shows like “Bones” are about building relationships with a cast of characters viewers grow to love and think of like family over years.

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Kind of how Dr. Sweets (John Francis Daley) thought of Booth (David Boreanaz). In a tragic turn of events, that Booth will now blame on himself thanks to his obsessive drive to uncover the conspiracy that landed him in jail for the past three months, Sweets died in the closing moments of the episode.

The particulars behind his death haven’t been determined yet, but Bones (Emily Deschanel) aims to find out. As she told her rattled team, this wasn’t the body of their dear friend, but the remains that will lead them to the person who killed him.

To make matters worse, Booth discovered that Sweets and Daisy (Carla Gallo) were expecting a child together, and that they wanted him to be the godfather.

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Sweets was taken down over a piece of evidence he was carrying tied to the larger conspiracy Booth and Bones are investigating. If his killers think this will help them get away with it, they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

While it proved an unsettling twist on the show, Sweets’ departure was at least in part due to Daley’s request. A burgeoning filmmaker, he had asked for time off for his directorial debut on the reboot of the “Vacation” films.

Rather than write him out of the show for four months or so, executive producer told USA Today that killing him made the most sense.

The investigation into Sweets’ murder kicks off next week as “Bones” continues, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.