Bono: Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Sacha Baron Cohen Can Beat ISIS (Video)

U2 frontman says laughter can defeat terror

Bono suggested the Senate send Amy Schumer, Sacha Baron Cohen and Chris Rock to beat ISIS — with the power of laughter.

“I think comedy should be deployed,” before comparing ISIS to “show businesses.”

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee brought in the rock star during yesterday’s hearing to discuss what role foreign aid should play in stopping violent extremism. Bono’s suggestion was quite interesting.

“The first people that Adolf Hitler threw out of Germany were the Dadaists and surrealists. You speak violence. You speak their language. But you laugh at them when they’re goose-stepping down the street, and it takes away their power,” Bono said. “So I’m suggesting that the Senate send in Amy Schumer and Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen. Thank you.”

Bono was dead serious, and even said, “don’t laugh,” before explaining his plan, which drew chuckles from the audience.

The U2 frontman is co-founder of the ONE campaign, an anti-poverty organization. He reportedly visited refugee camps in Kenya, Jordan and Turkey earlier this month.

Watch the video above.