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‘Boom!’ Game Show Preview Makes It Rain Money, Pizza Sauce (Video)

Fox’s explosive new competition premieres Thursday June 25

In a first look at FOX’s new game show “Boom!” contestants are soaked with pizza sauce, beef stroganoff and cheddar cheese for every incorrect answer.

The objective of the competition is simple: answer a question correctly by cutting the corresponding wire, thereby defusing that round’s bomb. Cut the wrong wire and everyone in the room risks getting doused with any one of a variety of foodstuffs.

Winners stand to gain up to $500,000 in prize money and/or dry cleaning bills.

Following the success of “Boom!” in Israel, Fox is banking on its potential to become one of this summer’s most popular new shows.

Tom Papa hosts (and gets spattered with sauce).

Check out the preview above or click here.

“Boom!” premieres on Thursday, June 25, at 8 p.m. on FOX.