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Isla Fisher Says Husband Sacha Baron Cohen Cut Her Favorite Joke From ‘Borat’ Sequel (Video)

”Godmothered“ star says her threat to ”never speak“ to him again didn’t work

It turns out love will only get you so far in the edit bay, as Isla Fisher says husband Sacha Baron Cohen cut her favorite joke from his “Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm,” even though she begged him not to. Actually, she threatened him not to.

“I like to be involved. I watch all the cuts of the movie… I mean, I’m sure my husband will tell you I get too opinionated,” Fisher said on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “There was actually a joke in this one, in this latest ‘Borat’ one, in the debutante ball scene that I just found so funny, it’s my favorite joke, I was so attached to it. And it was in the foreign cut and it was in all the cuts and then finally when it comes to the last minute in the edit — he takes it out! And I was like, ‘Babe, you gotta put this joke back in! This is so funny, this is my favorite joke.’ And he’s like explaining to me that for the pathos that it’s really important that there’s not a joke in this moment and he didn’t feel that the joke was that original.”

The “Godmothered” star continued: “And I’m getting more and more heated up… I somehow ended up saying the phrase, ‘I won’t ever speak to you again unless you put this joke back in.’ And anyway, he cut it out. And we’re still married.”

Baron Cohen’s “Borat” sequel launched Oct. 23 on Amazon Prime Video and “looking back,” Fisher says her hubby made the right call cutting her favorite bit — though she did not elaborate on exactly what the joke was.

“He was right because now that I’ve seen it, I think it works… It does make another joke work even more. You know what it’s like, sometimes you go for a chuckle when you need to wait and get a big laugh.”

Watch Fisher’s full interview with Kimmel above.