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Borat Tried to Stop Jews From Voting in the Midterm Elections Using Bacon (Video)

Sacha Baron Cohen character does his best to tamper for ”Premier Trump“

It’s not a good look to be duped by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character in 2018. On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Borat made a few house calls campaigning for the interests of “Premier Trump.”

At his first stop, Borat needs to find someone who can vote. Unfortunately, the only person home is a grown woman who is a citizen of the United States and presumably not a felon.

Invited into the next home, Borat doesn’t understand what would be wrong with Donald Trump being a racist.

“What is the problem being a racist,” he asks the man of the house. “I am a racist — it is nice!”

Anyone who has seen 2006’s “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” knows this isn’t going to get any better.

“Big problem,” Borat says to camera in front of a polling place. “Seventy-two percent of Jew vote for Democrat. I have a plan to stop them.”

It wasn’t a great plan.

“You shall not pass!” Borat yelled at one member of the Orthodox Jewish community, laying down strips of uncooked bacon in the man’s way.

It was not successful. None of this was.

After a full day of tampering, Borat signed off by calling Kimmel a “liberal elitist, Hollywood-bubble globalist, Jew mouthpiece.”

Watch the video above.