Boston Bombings Day 2: How the Networks Are Covering

The broadcast and cable networks continue to offer special coverage in the aftermath of Monday’s tragic events

Information is still unraveling in the aftermath of Monday’s bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Copley Plaza.

Three are confirmed dead, including an 8-year-old boy who was there to support his father in the race, and more than 170 injured.

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In a press conference on Tuesday, President Barack Obama called the bombings an “act of terrorism” and announced that he has authorized all applicable government resources to the investigation.

On Monday, the broadcast and cable news networks deployed its biggest name reporters to the scene, including ABC’s Terry Moran, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo, Fox News’ Shepard Smith, as well as NBC’s Matt Lauer and Lester Holt.

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For Tuesday, coverage centers on the search for the organization or individual behind the attack, the wellbeing of those who were injured and the nationwide increase in security. Fox News Channel is paying special attention to the use of pressure cookers in the bombs and the investigation of cell phone records.

Here’s how the networks are covering Day 2’s developments.


— A special one-hour edition of “World News with Diane Sawyer.” Sawyer speaks with Dr. Dave King, a trauma surgeon at Mass General in Boston. In addition, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulini come together for a special mayor-to-mayor conversation with Sawyer.

Plus, reports from ABC’s team in Boston as well as Chief National Correspondent Byron Pitts, Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas, and Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila. Check local listings.

— “Nightline” will originate from Boston with Terry Moran anchoring from there. The program will feature reports by Brian Ross and John Donvan.

— Other platforms: has live updates here: ABC News is also live-streaming coverage as news warrants at

— ABC News Radio Correspondent Aaron Katersky is reporting from Boston.

— ABC NewsOne Correspondents Marci Gonzalez and Tahman Bradley are reporting from Boston for nearly 200 ABC affiliates, stations and clients.


— Scott Pelley will anchor Tuesday’s “CBS Evening News” from Boston, check local listings for broadcast times.


— Reporting from Boston (Twitter accounts provided where applicable): Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper), Chris Cuomo (@chriscuomo),Jake Tapper (@jaketapper), Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzer), John Berman(@JohnBerman), Dr. Sanjay Gupta (@sanjayguptaCNN), Don Lemon(@DonLemonCNN), Brooke Baldwin (@BrookeBCNN) Poppy Harlow(@poppyharlowcnn), Brian Todd (@briantoddcnn), Jason Carroll(@jasoncarrollcnn), Peter Hamby (@peterhambycnn), Zain Asher(@zainasher), Gary Tuchman (@GaryTuchmanCNN), Drew Griffin(@DrewGriffinCNN), Pamela Brown (@PamelaBrownCNN) and Maria Santana(@mariasantanacnn) will all be reporting from Boston.

— Contributing to breaking news coverage: Fran Townsend (@frantownsend), Peter Bergen, Tom Fuentes, and Mike Brooks(@tvdetective.)

— 7 p.m. ET, 11 p.m. ET "Erin Burnett: OutFront" anchored from New York

— 8 p.m. ET, 10 p.m. ET "Anderson Cooper 360" anchored from Boston

— 9 p.m. ET, 12 p.m. ET "Piers Morgan Live" anchored from New York

— Additional platforms: and the CNN Apps for live streaming of the breaking news as it unfolds,’s breaking news blog, This Just In, for the latest details and reaction. Users can also share stories and images of the explosions through CNN iReport.

Fox News Channel

— 3 p.m. ET Live from Boston, Shepard Smith anchors "Studio B."

— 7 p.m. ET Smith will also anchor "FOX Report" live from Boston.

— Additionally from Boston, FNC's Bill Hemmer is anchoring and reporting. Molly Line and Rick Leventhal will provide updates from a location near where the explosions occurred and Mike Tobin will cover the latest from Massachusetts General Hospital.

— From D.C., Molly Henneberg and chief White House correspondent Ed Henry will provide updates on the latest news coming from the White House. FNC’s chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge will provide updates on the ongoing investigation.

— From New York, Julie Banderas and Eric Shawn will be live from Time Square to discuss the security around the city and Douglas Kennedy will provide updates on personal stories of the victims.

— From London, FNC correspondent Amy Kellogg will offer details on international security.


— TUESDAY: 6:30 p.m. ET: Brian Williams will anchor a special edition of “NBC Nightly News” live from Boston

— Wednesday: On "Today," Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie will co-anchor live from New York. Natalie Morales and Lester Holt will report live from the ground in Boston. Correspondents Kerry Sanders and Katy Tur will also be live from Boston locations. Correspondents Pete Williams and Tom Costello will be reporting live from Washington, DC.


— Tuesday: Chris Jansing is in Boston, reporting throughout the day

— Tuesday: 10 p.m.: Lawrence O’Donnell hosts MSNBC’s “The Last Word” live from Boston

— Wednesday: Mike Barnicle will report live from Boston for “Morning Joe.”

— Other platforms. On social, Ann Curry is encouraging everyone to do #26Acts2 on Twitter for Boston.’s continuing coverage is available at: