Bottle & Stone Founder Shayna Terese Taylor Wants You to Understand the Benefits of CBD

WrapWomen LA Blog: “This is a truly amazing plant and should be treated that way,” she says

Bottle & Stone founder Shayna Terese Taylor wants you to know that CBD is NOT a drug. Since launching her line of CBD products, the health and wellness expert has been on a mission to educate the world about the holistic benefits of the plant. 

“People are naturally afraid of anything related to [weed], but the hemp plant is so different than the weed plant,” she said during a recent interview with WrapWomen. According to the former model, marijuana produces more THC which is essentially what gets you high, whereas the hemp plant is more CBD based. 

Does this mean there is still THC is hemp? Yes, small amounts of the psychoactive have been traced to the plant, but by the time the herb has been reduced to an oil or diluted into a product, the amount of THC is almost non-existent and can still be very beneficial. 

Taylor says she likes to include 0.03% of THC in her products because it helps expedite pain relief. According to the entrepreneur, such a low mount of THC means you can drink three or four bottles of the product and still not get high from it, while still reaping the benefits. 

“It’s basically like taking an Aspirin… except Aspirin is way worse for you” Taylor explained.  For example, if you have a migraine and you take an Aspirin, you can feel a relief. But if you aren’t suffering from any pain and you take an Aspirin, you aren’t going to feel it’s affects. Hemp is very much like that.”

According to the entrepreneur, CBD is not only used to help alleviate pain amongst humans, but also to extract harmful toxins and heavy metal from soil. This process, known as phytoremediation, has been popular since the early 90s when hemp was planted to extract nuclear leakage from the earth. 

However, because hemp serves as natures vacuum, Taylor warns that when consuming the plant, it’s important to know the soil quality of where it came. She recommends making sure the hemp has been tested at least three times through the process of growth and extraction. Since the industry is still fairly new, there are still no regulations or laws in place holding people accountable. 

One of the many reasons Taylor started her own CBD company was because she couldn’t find a product she could trust. Her advice to anyone who is looking to venture into the business is to avoid jumping into it just because of the money, but rather to have a true understanding of what the plant can do for people and how important it is to have high quality organic products. “This is a truly amazing plant and should be treated that way.”

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