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Brad Paisley-LL Cool J’s Second Collaboration Subs Racism for Love (Video)

"Live For You" music and lyrics are much more radio friendly compared to publicly-panned "Accidental Racist"

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J fans can safely open their ears again: The country crooner and acting rapper have released a second collaboration that should avoid the not-so-accidental criticism thrown at their much-maligned song "Accidental Racist."

The duo's new single, "Live For You," ditches the tricky topic of race relations to tackle a more radio-friendly subject: love. 

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"No matter how you feel, where you are, just know that I love you girl, I do," Paisley sings in the catchy opening verse, over a slinkier beat than the Nashville vet usually favors. "They tried to say I wasn't good enough, but I swear you won't find another. Just know that I love you girl, I do. I live for you."

At least the lyrics rhyme this time. Mainstream music fans should be much more pleased. And the Twitterverse shouldn't get nearly as agitated.

Give their new song a listen: