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‘Brady Bunch’ House Goes Up for Sale, Spunky Housekeeper Not Included

For a little under $2 million, you can live in a piece of television history

Here’s the story, of a lovely listing…

The house featured on the family sitcom “The Brady Bunch” is up for sale, according to Zillow, which lists the price for the “iconic residence” as $1,885,000.

The three-bedroom, three-bath abode, located in North Hollywood, California, features “perfectly preserved” 1970s decor, according to Zillow.

“Whether inspired by the TV family or the real life surrounding neighborhood, this residence is a perfect postcard of American ’70s style and its special culture,” Zillow said of the home, which according to the listing was built in 1959.

While the newly-listed home might be perfect for TV nostalgia junkies, it might not be ideal for those who value their privacy; according to Zillow, the residence is “reportedly the second most photographed home in the United States after the White House.”

But hey; the guy who used to live there was an architect, so you can be reasonably sure it’s structurally sound…