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Brandi Chastain Hall of Fame Plaque to Get Do-Over After Social Media Outcry

”It’s expensive, but it’s the right thing to do,“ says Bay Area Hall of Fame president Kevin O’Brien

After a day’s worth of public ridicule, the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame has decided to redo U.S. soccer icon Brandi Chastain’s much-maligned plaque, a rep for the organization said on Tuesday.

Hall of Fame President Kevin O’Brien told KTVU-TV in San Francisco that he talked to Chastain and was willing to update the plaque — which looked nothing like the soccer star — after she sent a new picture. “It’s expensive,” said O’Brien, “but it’s the right thing to do.”

Chastain was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame on Monday, but the plaque they honored her with probably left her wishing she wasn’t.

Chastain achieved international fame for her World Cup-winning penalty kick in 1999 Cup against China — and for ripping her jersey off to celebrate the goal. The picture landed the San Jose-native on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Newsweek.

But nearly 20 years after that iconic moment, the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame potentially found a way to replace that image when fans think of Chastain. Many people on Twitter have already chimed in on the plaque’s appearance, which bears little resemblance to the soccer star. Users said the plaque looked more like Babe Ruth and Mickey Rooney than Chastain.

“I had been assuming this was fake. Is this real?” asked ESPN reporter Zach Lowe. “How can this be real? Am I even awake? Is this a dream?”

Chastain has chimed in as well, telling the San Jose Mercury News that “it’s not the most flattering” portrayal. But it’s nice.” Chastain is a two-time World Cup champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and entered the National Soccer Hall of Fame last year.

The unsettling plaque now rivals the awful sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo from last year — a likeness so bad they had to commission another sculpture to replace it — in soccer infamy. Seems like Chastain is headed towards a second plaque of her own.

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