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Brandvil.com Brings Brands Together Online

Online service matches potential partners in branding, promotional activities

Brandvil, a one-stop brand marketplace, on Monday launched Brandvil.com, an online service designed to match brands with marketing opportunities.

The service can match on the level of someone who wants to put an ad on his car or plane, wants to sponsor a movie premiere, has naming rights to a school or local event to sell or wants to find a cross-promotion partner.

brandvil_logoBrandvil.com’s goal is to match brands, media and/or individuals with targeted branding and marketing opportunities, with no upfront costs.

“There is a clear and definite need of an efficient and easy service to build brand partnerships,” Rick Keppler, president and founder of Brandvil, said in a statement. “We saw a true gap in the marketplace and filled it with an easy-to-use solution, Brandvil.com.”

Brandvil.com allows users to either register, browse (and search) marketing opportunities and/or list opportunities for free. Once a potential match is identified, users can contact that potential partner, discuss and negotiate contracts and finalize, track and review the results of the partnership on Brandvil.com for a fee. The user pays only when a deal has been accomplished.