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‘Real Housewives of NYC’s’ Heather Thomson: Aviva Drescher Is ‘Ignorant’ and ‘Snobby’

TheWrap discusses Tuesday’s third installment of Bravo’s New York City Reunion with the shapewear designer

Heather Thomson and Aviva Drescher really go at it on the final installment of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York City” reunion specials airing Tuesday.

What started with Thomson defending castmate Carole Radziwill against Drescher’s accusations of using a ghostwriter on her memoir, “What Remains” — aka “book-gate — has now become a full-fledged battle between the career girls and the socialite.

“I wish it came down to values and ethics and moral code but it doesn’t,” Thomson told TheWrap. “It comes down to ignorance. And you know, I guess Aviva’s some sort of snob. That wasn’t who I recognized when I first met Aviva, but she certainly has weaseled her way into this horrible person. Aviva needs to look in the mirror. I think she’s making some really whack choices and she can change them at any time and I’d be happy to see her do that.”

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During the reunion, Drescher informed Thomson — who previously worked on Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ Sean John fashion line, yells the outdated “holla!” and has been known to drop mother f-bombs when angry — that her behavior is unwarranted because she didn’t grow up in the ghetto. That infuriates Thomson.

“It’s foul ignorance,” she said. “Aviva shouldn’t talk about stuff she has no clue about at all. And if she wants to have a clue about it, then she should do the research and do the homework and really understand what she’s talking about. Is she talking about a socioeconomic situation or is she talking about race? Where is she going? Either way it’s offensive to me. One way is ignorant, the other way is snobby so I don’t like either.”

Read on for more of TheWrap’s Q&A with Thomson.

TheWrap: Has Aviva painted herself into a corner? Where does she go from here?
Heather Thomson: She puts herself in those places. Believe me, sometimes I’m sure she’s like, ‘How did I get here?’ But, she doesn’t care. At the end of the day, the Aviva that has painted herself for me very clearly this season is someone who’s looking for notoriety. She doesn’t care how she gets the notoriety. Whether it’s negative or positive, she’ll take it, just bring it on. And to me, that’s a shame. Something’s missing, something deeply is missing, and she should go find it, because it’s a good world out there.

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Do you agree with LuAnn de Lesseps’ assessment that the real Sonja Morgan has been overtaken by the show?
I can’t agree with it wholeheartedly because I didn’t know Sonja before last season, so I’ve only experienced one season. But I can certainly attest to there being situations, things that happened where she is like a star, you know [laughs] she gets very caught up… The same thing they make fun of the Countess for, like, putting on airs. Sonja definitely can put on airs, and it’s not sexy. That’s not the part of Sonja that people like. She’s quirky, she’s funny, she’s brilliant, her one-liners, she’s gorgeous. She’s fun to watch and she doesn’t have to do anything, you know what I mean [laughs]. I think she tries too hard and this season’s she’s got some issues on screen that I think she needs to deal with.

What can we expect between you and Ramona Singer on the final reunion episode?
I butt heads with Ramona the same way we always do. You know, when Ramona acts like a jerk, in my opinion, I call her out on it. I was like, ‘I think you’re being a jerk.’ I always tell Ramona how I see it, and that’s the relationship that we have. You know, we could do that. But I don’t enjoy a friendship like a do with Razz, or Lu or Kristen for that matter than I do with anybody on that other side of that couch. The girls that I’m sitting with are my girls, and that’s real. And Ramona I know is a cast member and she is definitely a place in my heart, and you know I have an affinity for Ramona as I do Sonja, I may even do Aviva, it’s just her choices are horrible, I’ve just been so disappointed. It’s very sad to me. So, you know, we’ll see what happens. We’ll see where it all goes. But I wish everybody well, that’s for sure. And I thought we had a great season, you know. I think New York’s got a lot to say.

What grade would you give Kristen Taekman as a new housewife?
A! I thought she was so good! I loved watching her, I thought she was funny, her facial expressions are hysterical. I’ve known her for so many years and I’ve never noticed that about her and it was so fun to watch on TV. I was proud of her, I thought it was brave for her to bring she and Josh’s kind of every day marital conflicts like really under the microscope and I was proud of her for that. I thought she was great. I look forward to seeing more Kristen.

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Can you give us an update on your son? How are his ears and his health overall?
Yeah, he’s so good, he really is. We went with a less invasive option — we went for a second opinion and the second opinion disagreed that surgery was the choice right now and so we did a preventative procedure and we’re watching that now. We just had a hearing test and it’s showing his hearing is a little bit better in one of the ears, so we’re just following this path right now and we’re on a steady course. And his liver is, you know, blood gets drawn all the time and we watch his liver function numbers and that’s stable completely right now and his lungs. His lungs are an ongoing issue because of he’s got a chronic lung disease and you don’t get to see that on the show. He’s on an apparatus that helps him. It’s just something he’s going to live with, but it’s not going to kill him. Jax has so many challenges but none of them really seem like a big deal when you look at the kid, he’s just unbelievably triumphant. His new things is Legos, he’s been building them obsessively all week.

“The Real Housewives of New York City” Reunion Part 3 continues on Tuesday at 8/7c on Bravo.