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‘Breaking Amish: L.A.’ Preview: Lizzie’s Mysterious Beau Speaks (Exclusive Video)

Viewers will finally get to know Hoj on Sunday’s new episode of the TLC series

There are still more secrets to be revealed on TLC’s “Breaking Amish: LA” as it heads into its season finale and reunion show next week. But, at least one secret is finally out in the open now.

Last week, we finally met the father of Lizzie’s baby, Hoj. Shunned by her community, Lizzie was forced to have her baby English-style in a hospital rather than with midwives at a home birth as the Amish cast member wanted.

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At any rate, the hospital setting allowed the baby’s father to be present and thus the show’s big reveal of his identity. Not only is Hoj not Amish, he’s black. And that’s certainly going to create some precarious situations for Lizzie going forward.

Sunday’s episode airing at 10/9c finds many of the show’s cast members at a crossroads as they make some life-altering decisions after their experience in Los Angeles.

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Who will return to the culture they grew up in and who will decide to strike back on their own? And what will happen when Matt decides to bring everyone together for the first time since leaving L.A.?

In the meantime, watch TheWrap’s exclusive preview below in which Hoj, a body builder and barber, reveals how he and Lizzie met: