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‘Breaking Amish: L.A.’ Preview: God and Fashion – in That Order (Exclusive Video)

Matt explores his fabulous side when drama becomes too much in the house on Sunday's episode of the TLC series

Each AWOL Amish and Mennonite cast member on TLC’s “Breaking Amish: L.A.” came to Los Angeles with a goal. And as tensions reach a boiling point in the house, they decide it’s time to go after them.

Matt, for instance, wants to parlay his talent for making Mennonite fashionistas into something he can share with the world.

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On Sunday’s episode airing at 10/9c, Matt interviews for an internship with a local fashion designer. The two hit it off right away, it seems, and have something in common: strict religious upbringings. Uh huh.

Meanwhile, the crew tries to work out the scandalous events in Las Vegas but in the end may find that there is only one solution to the discord in the house.

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TLC just announced that it has extended the current season of “Breaking Amish: L.A.” by two episodes, bringing the episode total to 12, including a reunion special. The two additional episodes will air back-to-back on Sept. 29 starting at 9/8c.

For now, watch Matt’s fabulous interview from Sunday’s episode in TheWrap’s exclusive preview below: