‘Breaking Bad’ Cameraman Tweets Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Pics (Photos)

Andy Voegeli has been posting shots from the set throughout his stint on the AMC drama

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:41 PM

Andy Voegeli is racking up the Twitter followers these days.

The camera-operator from “Breaking Bad” has been posting incredible behind-the-scenes candid and posed shots from his tenure on the set of the AMC drama.

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From Bryan Cranston in a ridiculous directing get-up, to Anna Gunn looking like an angel — the pics fluctuate between hilarious and beautiful artwork. According to Voegeli, he has “thousands” of these pictures:

“It’s gonna take me weeks to post them all,” Voegeli tweeted.

No rush, sir.

Quench your thirst below: