Another ‘Breaking Bad’ Character Is Coming to ‘Better Call Saul,’ Vince Gilligan Teases

Season 4 is “darker” and “richer,” universe creator says — and also, “so good”

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Brace yourself, Albuquerque: Another “Breaking Bad” character is coming to Season 4 of “Better Call Saul,” creator Vince Gilligan says.

“There’s a very important character from the ‘Breaking Bad’ era that we’re going to meet this year,” Gilligan said during his show’s Masterclass panel, which was a part of the AMC Summit Wednesday in New York City.

He did not specify which character — but Gilligan believes fans will be pretty pleased overall when the AMC dramedy returns in early August.

“Season 4 is so good,” he said. “It gets darker, it gets richer. It’s still got funny in it, but on the Venn diagram of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul,’ the overlap in the center is getting bigger and bigger.”

And though Jimmy McGill’s (Bob Odenkirk) brother Chuck (Michael McKean) is dead, he still “looms large” on this coming run, fellow executive producer Melissa Bernstein said.

“We’re going to see Chuck and we’re going to feel him even when we’re not seeing him,” she explained. “He has such a profound effect on Jimmy and thus, Saul.”

Go ahead and place your best bets in our comments section about which “Breaking Bad” character we’ll re-meet this year.

“Better Call Saul” Season 4 premieres August 6 at 9/8c on AMC.