‘Breaking Bad’s’ Aaron Paul Helps Britney Spears Spread Capitalism in ‘Work Bitch’ (Video)

UPDATE: The singer was NOT a fan of the AMC drama’s series finale (major spoiler ahead for any viewers who aren’t caught up)

If Britney Spears and Aaron Paul agree on one thing, it’s this: You want a¬†Lamborghini? Sipping martinis? Look hot in a bikini? You’d better work. Bitch.

The “Breaking Bad” star finishes Spears’ sentences in “Breaking Brit,” a music video mashup (above) featuring Jesse Pinkman interjecting his signature insult into Spears’ newest single, “Work Bitch.”

See video:¬†‘Breaking Bad’s’ Aaron Paul Mashup: The Ultimate Jesse Pinkman ‘Bitch’ Reel (Video)

It’s not quite harmonious, but it should attract an audience of sophisticated television viewers who may not have otherwise considered Spears’ advice.

And don’t worry, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) makes an appearance, too — even if the grumpy drug lord doesn’t appear to be a fan of Spears’ latest hit.

Which is fine, because Spears wasn’t a fan of how he went out in the series finale of “Breaking Bad.”

“I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t think he should have died,” Spears told New York radio station Z100 on Monday. “Maybe they’ll do another episode where the ambulance comes and revives him.”