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‘Breaking Bad’ Theme, as Played in a Meth Lab (Video)

Andrew Huang re-creates the song using meth lab items as musical instruments

Meth-lab equipment can do more than just make meth. It can also make music.

To celebrate "Breaking Bad's" final-season premiere on Sunday, musician Andrew Huang created a cover of the show's theme song — using only a guitar and a bunch of things you might use to make meth.

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Huang admitted that he wasn't all that familiar with cooking meth and had to do some Googling to figure out what his orchestra would be composed of. Eventually, he settled on propane tanks, pots and pans, rubber tubing, paper towels and coffee filters, beakers, measuring cups and plastic bottles.

Makes you wonder if his shopping trip didn't raise a few eyebrows in the checkout line. He also had his trusty guitar to fill in the parts that the meth lab just couldn't provide. Turns out, a beaker makes for a decent guitar slide.

This isn't Huang's first cover, either — check his YouTube channel for covers of, among other things, the theme song to "30 Rock" and an "epic orchestral version" of "Gangnam Style."

Here's the video: