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‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Finally Explains Why Lydia Took Her Tea Like That

”Chamomile tea with soy milk, please, and I’ll need more stevia“

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle (Laura Fraser) from “Breaking Bad” took her Chamomile tea with soy milk and a ton of Stevia. Ew.

Our friends at HuffPo finally found out why the key character drank what sounds like the nastiest hot beverage in modern TV history — an unanswered question that has hung around well into the “Better Call Saul” run. To get to the bottom of Lydia’s gross concoction — something no normal tea drinker could ever actually do — one reporter went straight to the source.

“Oh, I actually put milk in chamomile tea,” series creator Vince Gilligan told HuffPo. “A lot of people don’t, though, I guess. I guess you’re right. No, I don’t think there was any hidden message there. You know my mom, when I was a kid, used to toast our Pop-Tarts and then melt butter on top of them. I thought everyone did that, and then I would tell people, ‘Oh yeah, hot buttered Pop-Tarts.’ People looked at me like I was insane. My tastes are all just screwed up.”

“I don’t know about soy milk because I’m not a big soy milk person,” he continued. “That sounded kind of healthy, like health-medy, but I actually put milk in any kind of tea, including mint tea and chamomile tea. I guess you’re right. I guess most people are not into that.”

Now the boss on his AMC prequel, Gilligan concluded: “People used to think, probably, ‘Man, there’s a hidden message there,’ and now they’re just sort of making faces: ‘Ah, that guy. Ugh, who would do that? That sounds disgusting.’ I don’t know. That’s just me, I guess.”

Read the full interview here. Oh, and don’t order your tea like that — it certainly didn’t work out for Lydia.