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Breaking! Fox Still Digs Shawn Ryan, CBS Hearts Tarses

Updated: Fox greenlights Ryan drama, CBS says yes to Matt Tarses half-hour. Both were already slam-dunks

Fox doesn’t hate the Shawn Ryan project "Ridealong."

That’s the word from the network, which Tuesday confirmed that it was moving forward with a Ryan-created pilot to which it committed back in August. At the time, "Rideealong" got lots of media attention, with Variety noting the project  had been given a put pilot order (story here; registration required). 

Ryan turned in the script in mid-December, the network read it — and after deciding it wasn’t awful, told Ryan and producer 20th Century Fox TV to proceed.Had the network been bummed by "Ridealong," it would have quietly pretended the August announcement never happened.

But Ryan is (a) one of the biggest names on the rosters at Fox sister studio 20th Century Fox TV and (b) commands a big premium just to write a script. It would’ve been major news if Fox had decided it didn’t like his work, which is why the network felt so confident giving the show a put pilot commitment sight unseen.

"Ridealong" is based in Chicago and will be what Ryan described to Variety as a "Fox-like" cop drama. 

UPDATE: CBS confirms it’s moving forward with the Matt  Tarses-written and Jamie Tarses- produced comedy "True Love," which the Hollywood Reporter said back in September had been given a production commitment. One bit of actual news: The project, developed by Sony, will now be a co-production between Sony and CBS TV Studios.

Perhaps that means CBS smells a nice backend future for this show?

"True Love" revolves around four friends in New York, some in love, some not.