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Breitbart Mocked by Journalists for Attempts to Discredit Roy Moore Accuser

“It’s called journalism. Breitbart might want to try it some time,” Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty says

Breitbart News has been working overtime in the wake of four women’s accusations that Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior in the 1970s with teenage girls as young as 14.

Over the weekend, news emerged that the website had dispatched two veteran reporters to Alabama in an attempt to discredit the Republican candidate’s accusers and help rescue his foundering campaign.

Moore is a favored candidate of Breitbart chief Steve Bannon and the website has placed a lot of chips on his winning the special election next month to fill the seat left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

But those effort have drawn fire. “EXCLUSIVE,” blared one breathless headline, “Mother of Roy Moore Accuser: Washington Post Reporters Convinced My Daughter to Go Public.”

Many journalists, however, were quick to point out that there was nothing remotely out of place with convincing a source to come forward and that accuser Leigh Corfman’s reluctance had been noted in the original Washington Post story.

“It’s called journalism,” Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty wrote. “Breitbart might want to try it some time.”