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Breitbart Writer Warns ‘Feminist Witches’ Are Trying to ‘Hex’ President Trump

”Are we going to start seeing animal sacrifices?“ Breitbart Editor in Chief Alexander Marlow asks

Are feminist witches conspiring to destroy President Donald Trump? Breitbart tech reporter Charlie Nash thinks so, and warned readers about the issue in an article published Sunday.

“Though a large percentage of ‘feminist witches’ undoubtedly limit themselves to the aesthetic alone, an increase in political mass hexes shows a portion of the movement delves deeper,” Nash wrote. “Following President Trump’s inauguration, witches, covens, and even A-list celebrities started to hex the president with frequent ‘spells.'”

Nash went even further to conflate the two groups. “The two scenes have become so intertwined that the term ‘witch’ has even started to become synonymous with ‘feminist,’ as online stores such as Witchsy sell feminist witch-themed goods,” Nash added.

Nash, a rising star in Breitbart’s post-Milo Yiannopoulos era, often covers tech and LGBT issues for the company.

“I got the inspiration after reading an article by feminist Laurie Penny and she was talking about feminist witchcraft and then I started to look into it a bit and I realized that the two things are actually increasingly entwined,” said Nash, while describing the hexing process of the #MagicResistance on Breitbart’s Sirius radio channel Monday.

“Some of them really have these elaborate alter tables with candles and pentagrams and all sorts of other weird imagery, also with kind of a picture of the President or Don Jr. whoever they want to hex,” he said.

“This is sort of the ultimate in triggering,” said Breitbart’s Editor in Chief Alexander Marlow. “This is the most extreme example of being triggered that I’ve seen.”

“Are we going to start seeing animal sacrifices? What’s next?” he asked.

Nash dismissed the idea of animal sacrifice, but added, “It’s definitely a reality that occultism is becoming an increasing thing under Trump.”

The Breitbart writer has developed something of a reputation for trolling, In September, he defended Sen. Ted Cruz after the Texas Republican liked a pornographic video on Twitter, saying he would do the same “in solidarity.

Listen above.