Bret Easton Ellis Finds Stephen Miller ‘Completely Compelling,’ Wants to Write a Novel About Him

“American Psycho” author isn’t as interested in CNN’s Jim Acosta

“American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis wants to write a novel about Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller, who he calls “completely compelling. The writer declared his ambitions in a Wednesday night tweet.

Miller, a Santa Monica native, made headlines on Wednesday for going after CNN’s Jim Acosta during a White House press briefing. He called the reporter “insulting, ignorant and foolish.”

In a tweet, Ellis asked, “Why do I not want to write a novel about Jim Acosta?”

Ellis has been extremely vocal regarding politics during the Trump era, saying “childish meltdowns” by Hollywood liberals who still can’t accept Donald Trump’s win are ruining his dinners out with friends — and even hurting his relationship with his boyfriend.

Earlier this year on a podcast, Ellis said coastal elites who embrace the anti-Trump “resistance” are testing his patience. He talked about a ruined night out at Spago’s, and another dinner spoiled by a millionaire who was furious about “patriarchy.”

Miller took to the podium during Wednesday’s press briefing to discuss President Trump’s plan to revamp legal immigration when the CNN senior White House correspondent was called on for a question about the new policy that favors English-speaking immigrants. The two got into a heated exchange over the poem on the Statue of Liberty.

The potential subject of Ellis’ next novel eventually mocked Acosta for implying that only immigrants from Great Britain and Australia are capable of speaking English.

Miller sarcastically asked, “Have you honestly never met an immigrant from another country who speaks English outside of Great Britain and Australia? Is that your personal experience?”

Miller then called Acosta’s comment “one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant and foolish” things he’s ever said. Miller, considered an extremely controversial figure within Trump’s inner circle, helped write the infamous travel ban.

Ellis is also known for authoring “Less Than Zero,” “The Rules of Attraction,” “Glamorama,” “Lunar Park” and a collection of stories, “The Informers.”