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John Oliver Compares Brexit ‘Disaster’ to Will Smith’s Genie in Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ (Video)

”Last Week Tonight“ return lays out path for Britain to reverse its departure from European Union

Britain is set to leave the European Union next month, and John Oliver has returned to television to try to prevent this Brexit “disaster.”

“Things look dire here” the “Last Week Tonight” host said on Sunday’s Season 6 premiere. All the people his HBO comedy show highlighted seems to agree this exodus was not well thought out and could create serious problems for many Brits.

“Normally for people to be that certain that something will be a disaster, they need to see Will Smith in blueface,” Oliver quipped, throwing up a photo of Smith’s blue Genie in the upcoming live-action “Aladdin.”

That wasn’t Oliver’s only punchline borrowed from the world of movies and television.

A little later during the segment, Oliver singled out Parliament member Boris Johnson, who he said is “what would it look like if Gordon Ramsay was tumble-dried on High.”

That one was also accompanied by a perfectly timed picture. Yes, Oliver is a “MasterChef” of whipping up perfect analogies.

Watch Oliver’s third (per his show’s own count) takedown of Brexit via the video above.

And then immediately find a way to watch U.K. series “Gogglebox.” You’ll a) get what that is and b) be hooked once you consume Oliver’s Sunday segment in full.