Brian Williams Delivers Some Alarming News (Video)

Seasoned anchor manages not to flame out as fire warning blares around him

"NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams" was totally on fire Tuesday night. Sort of.

Anchor Brian Williams' focus was put to the test on Tuesday's newscast when a fire alarm went off as he attempted to introduce a story about American Airlines' bankruptcy filing. But rather than run around the newsroom while flapping his arms at his sides like Glenn Beck probably would have, Williams maintained his composure, with only a slight giggling fit breaking his stone-faced delivery.

Luckily it was a false alarm, as NBC News indicated via Twitter shortly thereafter.

"Fire alarm here at 30 Rock goes off at the exact same time we go on air," they tweeted. "All is fine in the building & the show goes on."

Maybe it was an American Airlines exec trying to distract viewers from the company's financial woes?

Check out the video below.